Company Background

Registered in Maryland, Prime Circuits Inc was founded in 1995, and is engaged in the design and development of ultra high technology systems, is supporting NASA for its Space and other scientific projects, is designing and developing detectors and electronics in collaboration with Army Research Lab.

Prime Circuits Inc is a provider of contract services geared to support various Federal Research Labs and to other companies in the various fields of Engineering.

Prime Circuits Inc specializes in the design of ultra miniature electronics in the form of Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs) for applications requiring ultra low power, ultra low noise and high performance electronics as used for Detector and Sensor Electronics.

Prime Circuits Inc specialty is in the design of Analog and Mixed Signal ASICs.

Prime Circuits Inc is also geared to provide Engineering Services support in other areas of Software and Information Technology (IT), Mechanical Engineering and other areas that require design and development support.

To our employees, we offer a comprehensive benefit package of vacations, insurance, 401 K retirement plans, etc, and encourage them to enhance their skills and capabilities on a continual basis.

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